Judges Auction

Annual Judges Auction

Orchid growers from Maine to Maryland and beyond look forward to this annual event. A group of high quality, and often rare plants from our judges' and esteemed exhibitors' collections are auctioned off in two locations each year. Many of these plants are not easily obtained and are coveted by orchid collectors. There are often numerous plants of specimen size available to bid on. It is a day of fun, food and friendship as well as a bit of humor as orchid enthusiasts come together to enjoy these events.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the NEJC uses the proceeds from this event to support its operations, monthly judgings and local orchid community. With your support, the center is able to bring AOS judging to local societies and all orchid growers in the Northeast.

Judges Auction 2021

We enjoyed seeing so many members from our area societies on Saturday, December 18th. We thank the exhibitors who brought their plants to be judged and allowed us the privilege to grant five AOS awards that day. We hope to see some of you for plant judging next month!

"I thank all those who supported our NEJC auction held this past Saturday. It would not have been such a success if it were not for your contributions, help, and support. The NEJC depends, as AOS Societies do, on the active participation of volunteers willing to give of their time and money. So again, THANKS!

Let us all hope for a better coming year and the possibility of another NEJC auction. And finally, please have a Safe and Happy Holiday and a great New Year!"


Wayne Wiegand

Vice-Chairman, NEJC

Some photos from the recent event.